Learn Something!

Transitioning to the “Real World” 

Finishing high school and moving on into the “real world” can be challenging for any young adult.  It can be even more challenging for teens and young adults with disabilities and their families.   Join us to learn about the steps you can take to make this process easier, less stressful, and more effective for the teens and young adults in your life. 

The Basics of Self-Advocacy

What is self-advocacy, and how do I get started?  Individuals with disabilities who want to become better self-advocates and parents of children with disabilities will learn what self-advocacy means, how to identify your specific advocacy needs, and practice developing a personal advocacy plan. 

Rethinking Guardianship

As your child approaches the age of 18, what are the options for maintaining an individual’s right to make choices about his/her own life?  How does this affect the ability to manage money or make healthcare decisions? Join us to learn about what guardianship really means as well as about partial guardianship, representative payee, healthcare power of attorney, and other tools that can be used  to help individuals with disabilities make the best life choices while respecting their individual rights. 

Getting the Most from the IEP

The Individualized Education Plan is a powerful tool in meeting the educational needs of students.  It can also be a very frustrating process for families when they feel their voices are not being heard.  Join us to learn about how to get the most out of the IEP – how to prepare, the questions to ask, the different parts of the IEP, what to do if you disagree with the IEP, and much more. 

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